pickled beet eggs// farmers market salad

a simple spring inspired salad, using our surplus of fresh eggs in a new and delicious way

my pickled beet egg recipe:

-a handful of hard boiled and peeled eggs

-three organic beets

-white vinegar

-sea salt

-cracked pepper

combine all ingredients in a sealed glass jar and allow to cure for five-seven days, remove eggs and beets from the jar, slice and serve alongside fresh farmers market greens



round here// early spring

the weather is changing, what seemed to be endless days and nights filled with rain and shadows have parted ways, making room for the sun and its much needed warmth.

seems seasons are changing around here in more ways than one. our oldest son turned thirteen years old last month and with his newly acquired age aquizition comes a slew of emotions, both big and powerful, reminiscent of days gone too soon and somewhat apprehensive of the days soon to come.

if there is one take away from the reality of thirteen years passed in the blink on an eye, it's to slow down. to soak it in,

and to live by the rule that these are and will be in near retrospect, the very best days of my life.








year in review// 2016

i suppose there really isn't a way to completely describe ones life experience, spread thinly though the passing of twelve months-

but if i were to attempt to do just that, it would be like this;

chaotic, swirling beauty paired with depths of darkness i had never seen before- a heart broken// rebuilt, stronger and fuller, healing

unexpected travels and vast opportunity 

growth, in mindsets and bodies alike

business, thriving

family, everything

family, everything

me, alive// fully alive

--- this here is a documentation of the past twelve months of my life- bits and pieces, some months apart, some minutes- some work, some not-

 i share it this way because i live it this way, with the lines blurring and the colors bleeding into one another, my work and my life, one in the same