i had an idea months ago- to travel a section of the northern coast of california with my children, my sister and herView full post »

knight wedding

it’s fair to say that a pinch of disbelief and nerve rises from deep inside of me each and every time aView full post »

camp sebastian

this weekend we celebrated our sons eleventh birthday, the rain and the storm held off just long enough for our outdoorView full post »

forage haberdashery

it was years ago now that i first saw the beautiful makings of Forage Haberdashery i was taken by the beauty andView full post »

i see it here

as my list of new years resolutions and goals continue to compile, i take a fond look back at the year of twentyView full post »


always one of my favorite holidays, a time to gather and be thankful for all the beauty and possibility we have in ourView full post »

kelly sweda photography

kelly sweda photography from corey villicana on Vimeo.View full post »

bowie james

each and every time that a company chooses me as their photographer and trusts my vision for a rebrand, i can’tView full post »


stills and video from the last three seasons at liv3View full post »


we spent tuesday with friends in julian, soaking up the cool crisp air and savoring every sign of fall we sawView full post »

p o r t f o l i o